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Foyle’s War was a popular British drama set in the time of World War II. This series aired from 2002-2015 and is available to stream on Acorn TV. If you haven’t seen it yet, it is definitely worth watching.

The show focuses mainly on DCS Christopher Foyle, a police detective with some wit, some charm, and a nose for unraveling mysteries. This is an interesting series in that it depicts the mood and atmosphere in England during and after the war, and the British sentiments toward the American soldiers.

In the beginning the war is just starting and the people are struggling with rations, shortages, bombs, and through all of this there are still crimes being committed that have nothing to do with the war. It is up to Foyle and his Sergeant Paul Milner (Anthony Howell) to get to the bottom of these crimes, especially the murders. And there are plenty of murders to keep them busy.

Foyle and Milner are joined by Samantha (Sam) Stewart (Honeysuckle Weeks), who has been assigned as Foyle’s driver even though she is not in the police. With the war raging everyone does what he/she can to help out. Sam is an energetic and eager young woman who tries to insinuate herself into the cases, to the chagrin of Foyle. But Sam manages to help many times. Her insight and cunning add to the team.

As Foyle deals with his job, his son Andrew (Julian Ovenden) joins the RAF and goes on flying missions. And after several seasons Milner is promoted, leaving Foyle with a new Sergeant and the desire to retire, or resign, from the department.

As the episodes pile up, the Yanks join the war and the British and Americans clash over cultural differences and language. The end of the war brings new challenges to the characters and Foyle takes on a different job with different responsibilities.

The show is sprinkled with fun and witty comments, however the majority of the time is pure drama. For Americans the interest lies not only in the characters but also with the way the British people faced the obstacles and tragedies of the war while wondering when the Americans will help them defeat the Germans. The aftermath of WWII is the setting for the final seasons.

Foyle’s War is an intriguing and addicting series. All of the episodes are available to stream on Acorn TV.

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