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Hindsight_Keyart_Straws_PHOTO_HIWe’ve all wondered at one time or another what our lives would be like if we had made a different decision in the past. Well, in the VH1 scripted series Hindsight, Becca (Laura Ramsey) gets a second chance at life. On the eve of her second wedding, Becca magically awakens 20 years earlier in 1995, on the day of her first wedding.


Becca knows everything that happened in the past 20 years and now has the chance to change her life. Will she decide to marry her first husband again or possibly her second fiancé? Will she quit her job? What will she do? The only person she tells about this amazing experience is her best friend Lolly (Sarah Goldberg).


As Susan Levinson, EVP, Original Programming & Production at VH1 explained, “Becca will soon discover there is no sure-fire way to make the right choices in life, even when you’re viewing those choices in hindsight.”


“We all think that we know because we chose door A what would have happened if we had chosen door B, so this show sort of examines both the fantasy aspect of that, which is what would you do if you had this this maturity and all this perspective and all this knowledge and you could make all these decisions again, but of course, the treacherous aspect of that is if you change one thing, you change everything,” added Emily Fox, the creator and executive producer of the series.


What Becca misses first is the Keurig coffee maker. Then she discovers life is tough without her iPhone. But the actors agree the wardrobes and hairstyles were a fun aspect of reliving the 1990s.


Sarah Goldberg said, “And the romance of the grand gesture that’s required, and you have to show up with both your feet. It’s not just your thumbs on a screen. It’s so much fun for drama because there’s these big events in the show where [there’s] the 3 a.m. knock on the door. It just feels like now that would be a text message, and there’s a freedom in the period nature of the show, and there’s a joy to that, [and] an innocence as well.”

Emily Fox described what she wanted the series to be. “The truth is we just romanticize whatever is 20 years behind us. So this [show] is really a love letter to the ’90s or love letter to our youth, a time when we just had a tremendous amount of freedom and a tremendous amount of personal interaction. And I think there’s something to looking back on a decade. It doesn’t really coalesce into a thing until you’re looking back on it from about 20 years hence.”


If you went back in time and had the opportunity to change your life, knowing what you know now, would you want to? Becca time traveled via an elevator, and now she is afraid to get back into another elevator, opting to take the stairs even if her destination is 10 floors up. She’s afraid where she’ll end up if this anomaly happens again. Even though she has to get used to not texting, no iPhone, and all the modern conveniences – or inconveniences – she wants to play the new cards she has been dealt.


Hindsight airs Wednesday nights on VH1. It’s an intriguing and entertaining show and well worth checking out.

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