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Robert Redford narrates the new IMAX film National Parks Adventure. This film takes audiences on an amazing tour of several parks in the system from coast to coast. It is an inside look at different parts of our country and also shows what exciting activities await the non-faint of heart.

The film follows a family (a father, stepson, and a friend) through several parks as they not only enjoy the spectacular scenery but also take part in some dangerous and exhilarating adventures. Imagine ice climbing or mountain biking in some of the world’s most amazing locations.

From award-winning director Greg MacGillivray, National Parks Adventure pays homage to John Muir and President Theodore Roosevelt who contrived the idea of the National Parks system. It is “America’s best idea.” Yet the parks, although saved for all time, are still in danger. MacGillivray told the first audience for the film that conservation was “the reason the film was made.”

While every park has a special appeal, this film only focuses on 40 of them. “There’s a beauty and magnificence in every national park, but we looked for places that would be the most amazing on the IMAX screen.” MacGillivray added, “For me the most important idea is that these parks belong to everyone, to all the people.”

John Muir once said, “Everybody needs beauty as well as bread, places to play in and pray in, where nature may heal and give strength to body and soul alike.” Our National Parks provide all of that.
From the shore of Maine to the volcanoes of Hawaii, from watching bears feeding on salmon in Katmai, Alaska to Mountain biking in Moab, from the giant redwoods in California to the beauty of Monument Valley, the film serves as an inspiration for all to visit these incredible locations that only exist in this country.

As Greg MacGillivray noted about Roosevelt and Muir, “They realized that [as] much as Europeans protect their cathedrals and castles, Americans must protect the wildernesses that serve as our Notre Dames.”

The three people in the film might inspire audiences to take on some of these great adventures for themselves, and Rachel shows that it isn’t only for males as she joins her friend and his stepfather. However for people who don’t or can’t hike, climb, ride the rapids, or do anything physical, just the sheer beauty of these parks will, to paraphrase John Denver, “Fill up their senses.”

The soundtrack to the film runs the gamut of genres that come together to commemorate the locations. Composer Steve Wood said, “This film is a celebration and the music throughout brings that celebratory feel.” He added, “It’s designed to give families a joyful experience of what it’s like to get out there and explore.” He explained the music “really fits in with Greg’s philosophy that if you let people fall in love with wild places, they will naturally protect them.”

One interesting side note about the people in the film: Conrad Anker’s mountain-climbing partner was killed on a climb. Conrad looked after his friend’s family and ultimately fell in love with his wife and they married. Max is his friend’s son and now his stepson, however they are as close as blood. And Max’s friend Rachel is just as adventurous as the men. So this trio is appealing to watch as they attempt one venture after another.

National Parks Adventure opens February 12, 2016 at several IMAX locations including the California Science Center in Los Angeles.

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