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Queen Marie tells the story of the Queen of Romania during the difficult final days of World War I. She is rarely studied in school, yet she played an important part in the history of Romania.

Romania was a fractured country. The area was in disarray thanks to the tragedies of the war and the Germans. Now the Bolsheviks were causing havoc. As Marie states, they murdered the entire Romanov family, which were her family. Marie was the granddaughter of Queen Victoria. The murdered Czar Nicholas was Marie’s first cousin as was Kaiser Wilhelm II and King George V. Victoria’s children and grandchildren were the heads of most of Europe.

Marie inherited her grandmother’s determination. She desperately wanted to help her country in its reunification and through some cunning, managed to be sent to Paris for the peace talks at the end of the war. Her hope was to persuade everyone to give the splintered regions back to Romania so it could once again be a united country.

While there were cracks in her own family as well as the government of Romania, Marie knew she could get the foreign dignitaries to listen to her and to help her country. She even asked her cousin King George to help her cause.

Italian premier Vittorio Orlando, British PM David Lloyd George, French premier Georges Clemenceau and U.S. President Woodrow Wilson signed the Versailles Treaty, which set up the boundaries for the countries and ended the war. Their hopes were to lead to a lasting peace, however that peace did not last too long because World War II was just around the corner.

With doors being shut in her face, Marie was losing her faith. But women are quick thinkers and she used her intelligence and some feminine coaxing to talk with Mrs. Woodrow Wilson. It seemed the President of the United States was not on her side, however his wife was. And thanks to the First Lady, Marie was finally granted a visit with the president. And, well, her persuasion was what sealed the deal. The Treaty of Versailles unified Romania. And it was due to the wisdom, tenacity, and character of this one woman who knew she had what it took to turn the tide.

Director Alex Sweet Cahill said, “Reading her life story provoked a passion in me for Her Majesty and my only regret was that we weren’t making her life story in a 3 season TV series because there’s definitely enough stories and intrigue in Maria de Sassonia-Coburgo-Gotha’s life and loves to fill that space.” This movie “recounts a small but crucial part of her story yet a huge episode in Romanian History. I felt it was an important chapter to tell especially with the fact that a Romanian public have literally been starved of tales of their own Royal family.”

According to screenwriter Brigitte Drodtloff, “For me, it was very clear, how I see this exceptional queen, from the first moment the idea came to me to write this film: a woman, a vision, a country.”

Roxana Lupa portrays the queen in the film. She said, she “learned about politics, diplomacy, perseverance, dignity and patriotism” by playing this role. And Daniel Plier, who stepped into the role of Marie’s husband King Ferdinand, learned a lot by taking on this project. He expressed the feeling that when World War I is studied in school, it generally focuses on Western Europe. This aspect of the war is not as well known as others. He also says the film is “full of passion, emotions, even suspense, about a very important period in the history of Romania.”

This film will inspire viewers to search deeper into the life and times of Queen Marie. She was an exceptional woman and a great Queen to her people. This part of history is intriguing yet often overlooked. Thanks to movies like this, her life will once again have meaning and honor. The legacy of Queen Marie lives on.

The film is mostly in English however there are some subtitled sections.

Queen Marie will be released on May 7, 2021.

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