‘Secrets of the Whales’ is extraordinary

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From Disney+ and National Geographic comes an amazing four-part series about the extraordinary mammals that live in our oceans. The whales are amazing to watch and in this series viewers get up close and personal with them as well as viewing actions that have never been seen before.

Episode One: Orca Dynasty looks at the beautiful animals and how they interact with each other in their families and their relationships. Yes, whales do have relationships with other whales and it is an eye-opening experience to watch these wonderful animals as they live in the oceans and communicate with each other.

Episode Two: Humpback Song explores the world of humpbacks in the South Pacific and Antarctica. This episode captures 30,000 humpbacks swimming, breaching, and communicating with each other as they head south. It is really something to see.

Episode Three: Beluga Kingdom uncovers evidence that these whales give each other names and can decipher one whale from another. Young ones know the sound of their mothers. When one young whale gets separated from his mother, she struggles against the odds to make her way to him. And finally, their reunion is a heat-warming thing to see.


Episode Four: Ocean Giants (Sperm Whales) captures a calf feeding on its mother. Prior to this it was not known how they nurse, but now we know their secret. These whales have been portrayed as monsters in films, however they are not menacing or mean. On the contrary, they are special animals with feelings and families.

This amazing series also captures something rare, or even new. When a young narwhal whale is separated from its pod, he needs to find some way to survive. He cannot survive on his own. Then a group of belugas comes upon him and allow him to join their pod. Wow. What an amazing triumph and this shows how whales of all kinds have emotions and understanding. They are quite simply, outstanding animals.

This wonderful series is something families should enjoy together. Learning about life under the water it often overlooked, however the whales are an important part of our ecosystem. They are the giants of the oceans and just as intelligent as dolphins.

Do not miss this extraordinary series. Secrets of the Whales will capture your heart as you learn about them and understand these wonderful mammals. The series is narrated by Sigourney Weaver.

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