‘The Phenomenon’ will astound you

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The UFO documentary The Phenomenon lifts the lid on alien encounters with interviews and background information. Narrated by Peter Coyote, this is an amazing look at the cover-ups within the US government and around the world.

Whether you believe this planet has been visited by aliens or not, the facts brought out in the film will cause you to take a closer look at what you think and believe, and what has been documented.

The TV series Project Blue Book has reawakened viewers’ minds about extra terrestrials. It looks at the government program investigating sightings. The Phenomenon goes even further with discussions with government officials, astronauts, pilots, and citizens around the world who describe their encounters with otherworldly “people” and crafts.

Yes, there is evidence of these encounters and the government’s investigations. Senator Harry Reid said, “The Phenomenon is meritorious. It makes the incredible credible.” Former Senior CIA Officer Jim Semivan said it is “The most important documentary of the year and the most accurate examination of the world’s greatest mystery.” Dr. Jacques Vallee said, “70 years of secrecy has led to this. The most credible documentary ever made about UFOs.”

Years ago when actress Shirley MacLaine began openly discussing aliens, she was often thought of as a “kook.” But she stuck to her knowledge and beliefs and with this documentary has been vindicated. There are too many encounters to dismiss this phenomenon. There are too many people who have witnessed crafts and even beings from other planets to dismiss it. There are government documents pertaining specifically to alien encounters. It is incumbent on the officials to let the public in on what they know. And they do know plenty of things that have not been made public.

One of the incidents in the film describes how flying crafts hovered over U.S. nuclear military bases with beams of light shining down on the missiles. And at that time all the missiles went offline. And another encounter in Russia also involved their nuclear warheads.

What exactly is happening not only at the military bases but also in public areas? This documentary delves into specifics that have never been fully revealed until now. If this information is fully disclosed, the next generation will look at life and the universe in a whole new way. How amazing.

The Phenomenon is an amazing film. It is available October 6, 2020.

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