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Final AssetsA curious and imaginative wedding planner finds herself embroiled in an evil plot in Wedding Planner Mystery on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries. Carnegie Kincaid (yes, that is her name) is more than a conscientious wedding planner. She goes above and beyond in this fun little film.


Carnegie (Erica Durance) is an interesting woman. She lives to make the perfect weddings for her clients. She believes in the “picture perfect romance” and wants her clients to have the best experiences she can provide. But everything changes when one of the bridesmaids is killed during the reception when she ran out after a fight with her boyfriend, took her cousin’s car, and ended up crashing and dying at the scene.


The incident happened at one of the weddings for a prominent family, and Carnegie is working on the upcoming nuptials for another woman in this family. The Parry family is under suspicion for white-collar crimes, but that doesn’t deter Carnegie and her business partner from planning the weddings. Without these weddings, her business would not survive.


But what really happened to the car? Carnegie believes it was tampered with. And when the brakes go out on her own car, she knows there is something afoul.


Then Carnegie keeps running into a reporter who continues to ask her questions about the Parry family. Aaron Gold (Andrew W. Walker) is charming but persistent. Now add the Parry’s dashing attorney Holt Walker (Brandon Beemer) to the mix and Carnegie is up to her neck with interesting men. Holt just might be the man for her, though. He has the qualities she admires, but then again, Aaron could be her accomplice in figuring out the ongoing mystery. While juggling different relationships with these two men, she also must juggle her business and her sleuthing.


Who could the killer be? Carnegie’s list of suspects is vast: the floral arranger, the baker, the chauffeur, the accountant, or maybe her business competitor. But Carnegie is also on the police list of people of interest. The fact that the Parry family is at the heart of it all adds to the mystery. This family “makes the Kardashians look like the Waltons.”


While continuing to plan the next big wedding, cool, calm, yet feisty Carnegie also sets her sights on solving the crime. She is convinced someone close to the family or her own business committed the crime. But who? And more importantly, why?


The plot comes down to murder, kidnapping, and extortion, with a perky wedding planner at the center of it all. This is a fun, lighthearted mystery. And, in the end, Carnegie learns “you can plan a wedding but you can’t plan love.”


Wedding Planner Mystery premiers Sunday, October 19, 2014 on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries.


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