Air Patroller

Ages:3 - 6 yrs.

Lets take to the sky! Take your missions outside of Adventure Bay with Ryder and the pups into all new territories with the Air Patroller! It’s the mobile headquarters for the Air Rescue Pups with a cargo bay to launch into action and take flight to their next mission. Includes Air Patroller and Robo Dog figure.

Key Features:
-Air Patroller transforms into helicopter mode with rotating engines
-Lights and sounds, press button on the handle for effects (helicopter, jet, ascending, and descending sounds)
-Cargo bay opens and holds up to 2 Action Pack Pups
-Cockpit opens for Ryder and Robo Dog to steer you into action and holds up to 3 Action Pack Pups
-Air Patroller lands and sits on the PAW Patroller. WalMart, Target, Toys ‘R Us, Kohl’s, KMart, Amazon and Meijer