Alilo A2 Buddy Bunny

Ages:0-12 yrs

Introducing the Alilo Bright Ears Family! The cutest interactive toy and digital media player for babies and kids of all ages. Our products for the Alilo line are a trio of bunnies (A2, G6, and G7). The Alilo Bunny is a premier multifunctional interactive toy. It falls under the categories of digital media player, night-light, storyteller, and educator. The Alilo Bunny comes with a pre-recorded selection of popular songs, nursery rhymes, and bedtime stories. In addition to its pre-selected repertoire, Alilo Bunny’s content is fully customizable and updatable via a built-in 2 GB Micro SD card and a mini USB port. The buttons on Alilo Bunny’s front are designed to be intuitive to operate and include a child-lock feature. The Alilo Big Bunny is a comforter, and educator, and a multitasker—just like you.

•    Rhymes and Stories-Pre-loaded with 20+ popular nursery rhymes and bedtime stories to make learning fun for children.  Record songs and stories in your own voice with the built-in microphone.
•    Voice Recording-Record songs and stories in your own voice and replay to children.
•    Soothing Sounds-Pre-loaded with white noise, an excellent way to soothe your baby to sleep
•    Eco and Cost Friendly-High-capacity rechargeable lithium polymer battery that lasts up to five hours.
•    Durable-Drop-resistant ABS plastic with soft silicone ears.
•    Night-Light-Soft bunny ears glow gently as a night-light with color changing effects. A2 bunny features rocking design.