Bodhi Dog Wraps | Small


Our Disposable Male Wraps provide superior and comfortable protection for your dog to help manage messes from male marking, urinary incontinence, excitable urination, potty training, and housebreaking. Designed with your furry friend’s comfort in mind, our wraps feature a breathable outer layer, fur-friendly adjustable tabs, and loop velcro waist and stretchable waistband with elastic edges that allow for freedom of movement and leg lifting comfort. Our wrap features stripes that change color when wet indicating the wrap is soiled without getting your hands dirty feeling for wetness. The ultra-absorbent center panel whisks away moisture while the double-layered edges create a reliable leak-proof barrier that keeps messes contained. Our male wraps feature quick-dry technology that turns liquid into a gel on contact keeping your pooch dry and comfortable while effectively containing the mess.

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