Ages:7 and up

Put your word-making skills to the test while strategically matching colors to create your own color-coded crossword. In Candygrams, each player builds their own crossword by connecting one new word in each round, matching the “color combo” rolled by the dice. The first player to use all their letters in their crossword wins! There’s no adding up numbers for points, no rushing to build words, and it only takes 15 minutes to play! And while simple enough for a wide range of ages to play together, including both kids and adults, Candygrams also promotes deep, strategic thinking and thoughtful word-making — including longer, more satisfying words.

The winner of now SEVEN national game awards, including the Major Fun Award, the PAL Award and Dr. Toy’s Best Picks, Candygrams was designed for players of all skill levels, from young readers to seasoned word nerds and everyone in between. This means that while Candygrams makes an ideal compliment to any classroom or homeschooling curriculum, it’s also the perfect choice for family game night!

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