Dream Frenz


With an oversized, soft head and a tiny body that tucks inside, Dream Frenz is a cuddly plush pillow but also a toy, a stuffed character and a comforting companion. Dream Frenz are low tech by design. In a world where children are wired by toddler age, this plush intentionally goes the opposite direction – there are no batteries, sounds, or lights. The Dream Frenz come alive through the power of a child’s imagination. The company was founded by Florida-based mom-entrepreneur Halie Fulton, who was inspired by the ‘tadpole drawings’ of her oldest daughter. Tadpole drawings are drawings by pre-school age children. Researchers believe that the tadpole represents the child’s body self-image and that these drawings, typically with big, colorful heads, tiny bodies and happy faces, are an early attempt at realistic drawing. Dream Frenz bring these drawings to life.
Halie’s three young daughters, Mary, Shelby and Katy, now 14, 12 and 9, are instrumental ‘partners’ in Dream Frenz. The original inspiration came from sketches Mary began drawing when she was three years old. Inspiration finally struck Halie when Mary reached the third grade and was still doodling. Halie enlisted Shelby’s sewing instructor to create the original Dream Frenz prototype. All of Halie’s daughters have a voice in the design and materials used to create Dream Frenz. They also contribute to the marketing.
Where to Purchase: http://www.dreamfrenz.com/