Embracing Belly Boostier

Ages:18 - 50

The Embracing Boostier wrap is made of medical grade elastic with spandex, constructed to nest in the lumbar region of the spine. The abdominal band is easily adjustable with an aggressive 1″ hook on soft stretchy receiving fabric. This Belly Booster naturally curves down over the hips to support a heavy belly.

– Patented, design worn high, covers L1 to below L5
– Lightweight, easy to use, adjust for maximum comfort & support
– For pregnancy, maternity & chronic back pain
– Open design keeps you cool & supported
– So comfortable, you’ll want to wear it all day.
– Optional rib belt included

Where to Purchase: https://itsyoubabe.com/product/embracing-belly-boostier/
and Select Retailers, Call for locations: 877-661-9682