Jurassic Snack


– Don’t be eaten and go extinct! Keep your diplo dinosaurs alive and well fed

– The young Diplodocus (Diplos) are fond of the delicious leaves that can be found in the surrounding meadows and each shrub has a secret score!

– Maneuver your diplo dinosaurs to avoid being eaten by the roaming T-Rex dinosaurs

– The team or player with to eat more leaves or have the only surviving Diplo dinosaurs win the game!

– Take 2 turns each rounds as you move your Diplos across the plains munching shrubbery. Your team will have to eat more leaves than the opposing team … unless you choose to use the ferocious T.Rex to eliminate all opposing Dinos in the meadow!

– Will you eat or be eaten in this introduction strategy game for children and families!

– Designed for 2 players or teams, ages 7 and up

Available online at: ultraprogames.com – Amazon.com