514 Piece Educational Geometry Kit

Knucklestrutz – A construction building toy manufactured by Incredibly Interconnectable Toys

We make the most innovative building toys on the market. The fun and sophistication of our lineup go way beyond traditional block toys. KnuckleStrutz connects each piece to the next in a huge variety of ways, making both solid and movable joints. KnuckleStrutz is a STEM education toy that encourages and builds on the existing creativity and imagination in your child. Growing up with the individual, it can be enjoyed as a basic toy for younger builders then advance to a complex engineering system for more advanced players as mathematic and physics skills expand. The unique design of the pieces allow completed KnuckleStrutz creations to move, collapse, and expand, all while still connected. Knucklestrutz has several model building toy sets, but for the ultimate educational experience, look to the Geomorphic Construction Kit. It’s made of interlocking geometric shapes and with the amazing morphing power of KnuckleStrutz joints, these building toys can transform while all of the pieces are still connected! KnuckleStrutz is unrivaled in their versatility and possibilities to communicate in ways no other toy on the market provides.
Where to Purchase: Available through the manufacturer, Incredibly Interconnectable Toys, at and select dealers.