Let's Start Coding Code Lab

Ages:10 -13

Code Lab combines everything we’ve learned by bringing coding to over 25,000 kids into one massively fun package. Kids can get started fast- no experience necessary. With 100 free online projects, kids walk through coding from the ground up, from blinking an LED light to making an interactive random display of pixels when they clap their hands!

Projects are self-paced and guided with professional videos, so parents and adults don’t have to assist (though they may learn something cool, too!).

With Code Lab, kids learn typed programming fundamentals like loops, functions, variables, and syntax. Code Lab makes a great “next step” for kids familiar with Hour of Code, Scratch, Blockly, and other graphical programming languages.

Available online and at: amazon.com/letsstartcoding – www.letsstartcoding.com/shop