Litter One


Litter One is the 100% biodegradable, all inclusive, disposable litter kit for cats. Each Litter One kit includes: a scoop, 30 freshly scented waste bags, and 8.5 pounds of pine pellet litter in a box that has a soy based wax coating on the inside to protect the cardboard from moisture. Your Litter One kit is delivered right to your door. All you need to do is open it up, put a few tabs in place, and set it out for use! When your cat urinates, the pine pellet litter completely neutralizes any odor and turns to sawdust which then falls through the patented false floor. When 4-6 weeks has passed, all you do is close it up, throw it away, and open a new one! You are also able to sign up for a purrsonalized Litter One subscription that will save you 10% as long as you are a Litter One subscriber.

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