M-Tron® One for All UV sterilizerTM


Imagine that when you are taking a baby to a vacation, how are you going to sterilize the bottles? Disposable bottles? Further imagine that when you are taking a baby outdoor, how to sterilize the pacifier if it falls on the ground?

Let me introduce you M-Tron® One for All UV sterilizerTM which can sterilize both the bottle and the teat at ONE time, in 4 minutes only; it suits any wide or standard neck bottles as well as stainless steel bottles and anything you can put inside the top like teether, pacifier, accessories and even denture, etc. It is 100% safe with auto-shutdown feature; when the sterilizer is opened during sterilization, the UV tube auto-shuts down in order to prevent direct vision from UV which is harmful to human eyes. It can use min USB or 2 AAA batteries for electricity supply. It is certified to kill 99.95% bacteria. Made in Taiwan. BPA free and with CE safety certified.

With M-Tron® One for All UV sterilizerTM, you no longer have to worry about sterilization, it is a real multi-purpose UV sterilizer which can sterilize anything you want, for medical use, or facial and beauty, etc. It can always protect your beloved from bacteria anytime and anywhere.

Where to Purchase: Please refer to our website www.mtronworld.com