Moff® Band — The Wearable Smart Toy

Ages:5 - 9

The Moff Band is a wearable smart toy that promotes children’s physical activity and imaginary play.
Slap a Moff Band on a wrist, select your favorite sounds using the free Moff Sounds app on a smartphone or tablet (Android or Apple iOS), and realistic sound effects will accompany the child’s imagination and play. The child can choose what the toy will be and their arm movements will create the swoosh of a ninja sword, the crack of a baseball bat, the glistening sounds of magic dust, and more.
With the Moff Band and the free PBS KIDS Party app (Android and Apple iOS), kids learn through imaginative play and movement with interactive games that integrate dancing, counting and more. Kids play through four different sections, including movement- and creativity-focused activities that encourage them to move away from the device and be imaginative in how they play.
New content, including PAC-MAN Powered by Moff (, coming Summer 2016.
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