NuzzlePOD™ by Nuzzle

Ages:New Moms

Clogged milk ducts, engorgement, low milk flow, mastitis: These are enemies of a nursing mother and often require the application of warm or cool therapy to soothe discomfort. There has never been a good solution and everything that is available requires mom to stuff her bra or hold something in place; like frozen cabbage leaves, a bag of ice or a hot drippy wash cloth…until now!

NuzzlePODs soothes a nursing mother’s lactation discomfort with warming and cooling breast therapy – without all the fuss. The hands-free, microwaveable and freezable NuzzlePODs give mom freedom to go about her day, by wearing it OVER her clothes. Mom can also attach them to ANY nursing bra, camisole or tank top, even over a tee-shirt. No more lifting up shirts. No more stuffing clunky gel packs in bras directly against sensitive skin. No more holding bags of frozen peas or hot drippy washcloths in place.

NuzzlePODs are filled with 100% untreated rice, a safe and natural grain with excellent thermal retention properties. NuzzlePODs are internal components of the NuzzleHUG system that can also be used independently.

Although the NuzzlePOD was originally created to aid nursing moms, it’s also helpful for women experiencing discomfort from breast surgery, breast cancer treatments, Raynaud’s disease.

The NuzzlePODs can be used to help soothe a variety of issues throughout a mother’s nursing experience; from engorgement (cool therapy) to clogged milk ducts or encouraging milk flow (warm therapy) to aiding mastitis discomfort (warm and cool therapy), and all the way through weaning. The NuzzlePODs can be especially helpful at the critical three-month mark when many nursing women head back to work and need help with letdown away from baby. By promoting milk flow and easing tension, NuzzlePODs make it easier for mom to keep nursing comfortably for as long as she chooses.

Warming benefits of the NuzzlePODs:
– Encourages let-down
– Helps encourage milk flow
– Helps maintain open milk ducts to prevent clogs
– Aids in the healing of mastitis (both warm and cool)

Cooling benefits of the NuzzleHUG system:
– Reduces engorgement swelling
– Soothes tenderness between feedings
– Aids discomfort when weaning
– Soothes discomfort from breast cancer treatments and/or surgery