Ocho Dragster Kit

Ocho – A construction building toy manufactured by Incredibly Interconnectable Toys

We make the most innovative building toys on the market. The fun and sophistication of our lineup goes way beyond traditional block toys. Ocho uses unique multi-connect pieces which are quickly mastered, giving even the youngest builders the freedom of unlimited creativity. OCHO is the perfect learning construction set for younger builders. The uncomplicated nature of OCHO pieces and connections makes the toy perfect for children ages 3 and up. The pieces easily stack, criss-cross, or even slide through each other. The octagonal geometry of OCHO allows connection in 8 (OCHO) different angles. These easily mastered, simple connections give children the opportunity to build whatever they can visualize, without the need of instructions. However, inspirations are included to build amazing models that children of all ages will enjoy! OCHO teaches dozens of valuable STEM skills including Geometry, Problem Solving, Pattern Recognition, Sorting & Classification, Action & Reaction, Colors & Textures, Creative Thinking, and Memory, as well as many others. OCHO is unrivaled in their versatility and possibilities to communicate in ways no other toy on the market provides.
Where to Purchase: Available through the manufacturer, Incredibly Interconnectable Toys, at fungamesandtoys.com and select dealers.