PicassoTiles® PTM201 Educational 2-in-1 Piano and Drum Kit

Ages:3 and up

PicassoTiles Portable 2-in-1 Drum & Piano Combo Play Mat Educational Musical Play Mat w/ 8 Musical Instruments, 5pc Drum Set, 10 Demo, 24-Key Keyboard, Built-in Speaker, Record & Playback

Fun and entertaining for single or multiple parties. A perfect educational present for schooloo-age children. Easy to construct and easy to store. Great for parent to child bonding with hours of fun time. Be a musician, create your own music!

* 2-in-1 Piano and Drum Set Playmat
* 8 Unique Instruments Sounds
* Learning By Playing
* Easy Storage & Portability
* Encouraging Social Skills

Available at: amazon – sears – https://www.picassotiles.com/product-page/picassotiles-ptm200-educational-2-in-1-piano-and-drum-kit