Piccoli Zoo

Ages:Preschool and Kindergarten

Piccoli Zoo is an outstanding free educational app that helps preschool- and kindergarten-aged children develop their growing conversation skills. This exceedingly well-structured app includes a concise instruction guide for helping parent and child play together as a team and get the most out of the fun and learning. The interface, which includes gorgeous full color photos and icon kids tap and swipe, is extremely intuitive and easy to use. Kids enjoy a delightful zoo adventure in which they see and learn the names of a variety of animals as well words for the sounds the creatures make and the actions they take. Then the children engage in some awesome physical activity by imitating the animals’ movements. The app’s listen and repeat approach is the natural way humans learn to converse with each other, while the frequent actions of swiping, tapping and imitation of movements promote both fine and gross motor skills! Piccoli Zoo app is designed, but not required, to pair with Piccoli plush horse.

Where to Obtain FREE: iTunes store and Google Play