Preschool Watches

Ages:3 - 7

Preschool Watches helps preschoolers situate themselves in time and establish daily routines long before being able to read a normal watch. MINUTES are replaced by ANIMALS and HOURS by COLORS, As soon as your child can recognize animals and colors, you can start using Preschool Watch! No more “in 5 minutes” which means nothing to preschoolers.

★ “Daddy will come home when the small hand is on green ”
★ “It’s bedtime when the big hand is on the 🐸”
★ “Your turn when the big hand is on the 🐶”
★ “Your friends are coming over when the big hand is on the 🐰 & the small hand on 🔴”

Avoid power struggles by letting your preschooler know what to expect and when. Preschool Watch has been rigorously tested by parents and preschool teachers.

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