Smart Nursery Dream Machine


Help your little one sleep soundly with the Motorola Smart Nursery Dream Machine. This connected sound and light show projector is controlled with the Hubble app for smartphones and tablets. The Smart Nursery Dream Machine comes with a night light/mood light with changing colors, three animated scenes, and free
downloadable lullabies available from Hubble to help calm your baby at night. The two-way communication
feature allows you to hear when your child is upset and speak to them, soothing them back to sleep. With
Motorola’s Smart Nursery Dream Machine, your nursery just got smarter.

Features include:
• Wi-Fi® Wireless Connectivity
• Control on Compatible Smartphones and Tablets
• Light Show Projector with 3 Animated Scenes
• Night/Mood Light with Changing Colors
• Audio Monitoring
• Two-Way Communication
• Free Optional Downloadable Lullabies
• Part of the Motorola Smart Nursery System

Where to Purchase: Babies R Us – Target – Motorola