Ages:All Ages

Kids love to move. Our updated new version of a classic toy from the 90s with LED lights has kids hopping like frenzied frogs for hours on end.  Why is the Sparkler™ WHIP ‘N SKIP™ so mesmerizing? Though the basic movement is easy to learn, it’s a challenge to keep it going, a feat of balance, endurance, and coordination.  And of course, it has motion-activated LED lights to the delight of kids.

To play, simply attach the WHIP ‘N SKIP’s tether to one leg and begin rolling the ball on the ground in a circular pattern around your body. With each revolution, your other leg must hop or skip over the tether. Kids get their competitive juices flowing to see who can go the longest and fastest, as the ball’s built-in counter records every revolution. Players devise different ways of moving the ball, and imagine all sorts of games and challenges. It’s a great way to burn off energy, and kids don’t even realize they’re getting an invigorating workout!