SuperHealos Hospital Adventure Kit

Ages:6 - 10

Hospital Adventure Kit uses fun, easy-to-read stories and engaging activities to introduce children to medical settings, procedures and staff. Packed with imagination, art, education and play, this is the perfect get-well gift for children. Each kit contains an adventure storybook in which two young kids use their magic superhero capes to bring medical equipment to life and solve medical mysteries. The kit also includes a coloring book, a color-your-own superhero cape, and fabric markers. Just like signing a cast, children are able to color and personalize their capes and coloring pages.
Company: SuperHealos, a female-led company based out of Newton, Massachusetts, is on a mission to help children facing medical treatment feel like superheroes. Through an emphasis on helping children turn challenges into adventures, SuperHealos’ products are designed to educate, empower and entertain children.
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