Swado Swaddler


Swado swaddle uses an innovative fastening design that is neither a Velcro brand fastener nor a zipper. Our competitive advantages are:

* Enables diaper change quietly and easily, without scratch noise of a Velcro brand fastener
* Secures baby’s arms in the mid-line for optimal neuro-development, then grow to any self-soothing or transitional position
* Grows with baby into a sleeping bag

Swado is environmentally sensitive and caring. We recommend Swado swaddle be washed inside a laundry bag, so we included one in our packaging. We wanted to minimize packaging waste, so we package our swaddle inside the laundry bag, instead of a plastic bag to be thrown away. Also, printing on our paper box uses environmentally friendly soybean oil ink.

Where to Purchase: www.swado.co – Amazon (search Swado Swaddle)