BigLeash V-10 Vibration Trainer


The BigLeash V-10 Vibration Trainer, was developed as a gentle trainer with 10 levels of variable vibration and tone. This product is perfect for very sensitive and hearing impaired dogs. A feature that is exclusive to BigLeash, something no other vibration trainer has, is our “In-Touch” Two Way Communication. BigLeash is the only electronic trainer, in which the dog collar talks back to the handheld transmitter, displaying valuable information to the dog owner. No other transmitter on the market provides the owner with the status of the receiver and a visual signal strength indicator on the transmitter LCD screen! This feature provides the owner with the comfort of knowing their system is in an operational status and their dog is within range, even if the dog is out of sight. Another exclusive feature that BigLeash offers is the FireFly night light, 4 LED lights on the dog’s receiver collar that can be activated from the Handheld Remote, great for locating the dog in the dark, or walking him at night. The BigLeash V-10 Vibration Trainer is the ultimate gentle training device, and the best communication tool on the market today!