The Noggle

Ages:All Ages

We all know and understand that cars become very hot when left out in the sun during a hot summer day. The backseat is very difficult to cool down right away. The Noggle was created to solve this very problem.

Since its creation, The Noggle has helped many families overcome the challenge of getting cool air to the rear of the car faster for their kids. The patented design extends an air vent to the rear of a vehicle giving INSTANT RELIEF to those on the receiving end. With its universal dash connection plate, The Noggle attaches to any unused air vent in the car.

It comes in two sizes for sedans (6 foot), vans, SUVs and trucks (8 foot). The technology of The Noggle re-directs the air from the unused vent anywhere in the vehicle making the versatility of our product practical and easy to use. A connection loop on the sleeve at the receiving end of The Noggle gives the owner flexibility to position it anywhere. They can hang it over the car seat, strap it to the seat, smash it in the headrest, or hold it.