Tiggly Shapes

Ages:2-5 Yrs

At Tiggly, we design learning toys that interact with playful apps to bring to life new powerful learning experiences and play patterns that children could not have with the toys or the apps alone.
Pursuant to our vision, we developed the first preschool learning toy for tablets, Tiggly Shapes– a set of four geometric shapes that interact with and make Tiggly learning apps come alive. Tiggly Shapes was designed by a remarkable team of industrial designers in a process that led to 5 patents. They are made out of high quality materials to ensure they are well designed to suit toddlers: visually appealing, soft to the touch, and a weight that’s just right. Soft silicon sensors on the bottom of the shapes ensure they won’t scratch the tablet screen. Tiggly Shapes and apps help children 2-5Y learn geometry concepts, improve language skills, and develop motor skills, spatial thinking, and creativity.
Tiggly Shapes has an MSRP of US$29.95. It comes with 3 free apps and a felt carrying pouch for easy storage & transportation.