Ages:0 - 2 years

The Olababy Trimmo is an electric nail trimmer that has been meticulously designed for parents to delicately, yet effectively trim their baby’s soft, growing nails. The Trimmo features a central disk with a rotating buffer pad that lightly files and polishes the nail, causing no pain to the baby. There are two rotating speeds, and three interchangeable buffer pads with various grit sizes to trim babies’ nails at 0 months through 12+ months. The Trimmo has an ergonomic design, with a soft grip for comfort and maneuverability for parents; as well as an egg shape to appear as non-intimidating as possible to the baby. The Trimmo features a built-in LED light for better accuracy and visibility when trimming during babies’ naptime. There is no need for batteries, as this trimmer can easily be recharged in any USB port for today’s tech-savvy parents. The entire package comes in an innovative shell design for easy storage and carrying. The Trimmo is the perfectly delicate tool to trim babies’ delicate nails.

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