Unscented 2-in-1 Shampoo and Bodywash by Monkey Sea Monkey Doo


Babies & kids love our hypoallergenic, tear free, & fragrance free 2-in-1 Shampoo & Body wash. Monkey Sea Monkey Doo designed bath & hair care products to be naturally overflowing with bubbly suds (it can even be used as Bubble Bath)! The shampoo & body wash are perfect for newborn babies because it is gentle, eco-friendly and tear free. Moms love the fact that Monkey Sea Monkey Doo is free of harsh chemicals, sulfate & paraben free, vegan friendly, and made with gentle aloe leaf extract and olive oil. The unscented line has never made a hypoallergenic bubble bath more fun to get clean! NO gluten, Soy, Dairy or Oats. Approved by Leaping Bunny


“After my middle son got food allergies, I had to read every ingredient on the labels and look up each one individually. After doing this I discovered how there needed to be higher quality and safer bath and body care products for all the babies and kids in the world.” says Monkey Sea Monkey Doo President Maria Mills. “Here at Monkey Sea Monkey Doo, we feel that every child is a gift, they are a reward, and as a result we want safe and effective products for all babies, and kids.”


Monkey Sea Monkey Doo products are extremely effective, safe, eco-friendly, fun, and very gentle to the skin. They are hypoallergenic and there is no gluten, soy, diary or oats. These products are SLS and Paraben free.This line is rated a number 1 for safety of ingredients by EWG Skin Deep cosmetic Database, and the line is Leaping Bunny certified,and they are made in the USA.