CozyPhones for the whole family

It’s time to say goodbye to uncomfortable ear buds and headphones. CozyPhones are comfortable headbands that pug into your devices and provide quality listening while not hurting your ears.

Paw Patrol CozyPhones are their latest models, making listening to portable devices fun for kids. The Paw Patrol TV series on Nickelodeon is a favorite among youngsters, especially those who love dogs. So whether your child likes the German Shepherd Chase, the Dalmatian Marshall, or the little pooch Skye, they can add a sense of whimsy to listening to movies or games. The removable speakers are set to 90 decibels max so you can be sure little ears are not going to be blasted with a high volume. Because the thin speakers are removable, the headbands are washable. The Paw Patrol CozyPhones list for $21.97 and are for ages 3+.

Bluetooth Contour Series Sleep Headphones are perfect to wear at night. They must first be charged, then they can synch with any Bluetooth device like an iPhone, iPad, iPod, or another audio device. The mesh lining is comfortable and the thin speakers can be removed when washing the headband. And, for those who cannot sleep when it’s light in the room, simply pull down the headband and it doubles as a sleep mask that blocks out light. If you know anyone who has a hard time falling asleep, perhaps listening to soothing sounds will help them drift off. And it’s also a nice device to use while exercising or meditating. When this is on, all the noisy distractions of the outside world are blocked out and replaced music of your own choosing. The controls are easy to reach and operate. ($29.99)

Going out for a run? Try the Active Headband Headphones. The headband is made from Lycra mesh to stay on and keep your head cool at the same time. This model is made specifically for active people who want to listen to their portable music devices while on the go. Imagine jogging or exercising without worrying about your ear buds popping out or your bulky headphones wobbling around on your head. ($19.97)

By combining easy-to-wear headbands with removable speakers, CozyPhones are the answer for many people who want comfortable headphones that stay on and provide good quality sound. They’re also handy to take on airplanes and to college dorms. The durable cords, and the wash-ability of the products make the CozyPhones long lasting too.

Check their website for colors and pricing plus several other models for adults and styles for kids. They offer discounts on multiple units.

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The Disney Animators’ Collection Littles: Mystery Figures

Whether you’re looking for some cute stocking stuffers or additional gifts for Chanukah, this new assortment from the Disney Animators’ Collection is perfect. The Disney Animators’ Collection Littles: Mystery Figures sell for $4.95 each from The Disney Store and Besides gifts for the holiday season, they’re also handy for keeping around for little bonus incentive gifts in the future.

When I was a child and faced a difficult situation or challenge, I was rewarded with a small toy. It wasn’t a bribe to do something. It was a token of accomplishment. These little figures would have been exactly what I would receive for overcoming something or facing an illness.

The miniature figures each come in a pencil-shaped case. The cases are designed to fit together and stack to make a unique display. With their special connectors, they can be set in a variety of ways and can be added to as new figures are brought into the group. These are blind boxed so no one knows what is inside until the package is opened.

Currently Wave One is available, with items from Lilo and Stitch, Tangled, and Frozen. There are eight different figures in this first wave: Rapunzel, Pascal with a chase variant, Elsa, Olaf, Elsa’s Bed, Lilo & Scrump, Stitch, and Lilo’s Record Player with Scrump. New waves will be coming with different characters.

When opened, the pencil-shaped box contains a Micro Collectible figure, display case connectors and clips, a collector’s guide, and a surprise drawing. Due to their small size, these are for ages 3 and up.

About the Reviewer

Francine Brokaw writes about products, travel, and entertainment. She has been published in national and international newspapers and magazines as well as Internet websites. She has written her own book, Beyond the Red Carpet The World of Entertainment Journalists, from Sourced Media Books.

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Disney Dollhouses are awesome

When I was little I thought my dollhouse was really great. It had two levels and several rooms. But it was a simple house. There was nothing special about it. Little kids have some great dollhouse options this year from the folks at

The Frozen Arendelle Palace Dollhouse is nothing short of amazing. This three-level palace is filled with the amenities any doll would love. There are beds for Anna and Elsa, a dining room, a fireplace, chandelier, fabric curtains, and a grand staircase. The five rooms inspire plenty of creativity in the spirit of Frozen. With the furniture and the architecture of the land, this dollhouse is a piece of Arendelle. It measures 54 ¼” high, 3 ¾” wide, and 15 ¾” deep. The dolls are not included but the 12” Anna and Elsa dolls will be comfortable in this Palace. (Ages 3+ $149.99)

The Frozen Ice Crystal Palace Dollhouse is spectacular. For a change from their Arendelle Palace Dollhouse, Anna and Elsa (dolls not included) will enjoy this stunning palace decked out in blues, greens, and purples. With two staircases, three levels, and four rooms, and furniture, the detail in this palace is a remarkable homage to the palace in the movie. This dollhouse measures 53 ¾” high, 37” wide, and 16 ½” deep. (Ages 3+ $259.95)

Ariel’s Land to Sea Castle Dollhouse includes the best of both worlds. First, the lower level is her home “under the sea.” With her father’s throne room and Ariel’s grotto, life in the sea is represented to its full extent. There’s even a place for all her “thingamajigs.” The two upper floors represent Eric’s castle. Furniture, a balcony, a staircase, and the details on the walls inside and out bring the magic of Ariel’s life right into your own home. This dollhouse measures 58 ¾” high, 37” wide, and 12 ½” deep. The 12” Ariel doll is not included. (Ages 3+ $169.99)

Belle’s Enchanted Dollhouse brings the magic of the Beast’s castle to your home. Three levels, a staircase, balconies, furniture, and many of the enchanted characters from the film spur young imaginations. With the artwork on the walls and the included furniture and accessories, everyone who loves Belle and the Beast will cherish this dollhouse. It measures 46 ½” high, 30 ¾” wide, and 20” deep. (Ages 3+ $149.99)

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Francine Brokaw writes about products, travel, and entertainment. She has been published in national and international newspapers and magazines as well as Internet websites. She has written her own book, Beyond the Red Carpet The World of Entertainment Journalists, from Sourced Media Books.

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New toys from Jakks Pacific inspire creativity

This season there are plenty of great new products from Jakks Pacific. These toys inspire creativity and build confidence as kids expand their horizons.

Real Workin’ Buddies Mr. Dusty

Do you have a child that won’t clean up his/her mess? It’s Mr. Dusty to the rescue. This adorable truck is a combination collection and dump truck. And he has a personality too. His eyes wiggle while he moves and he lights up when he talks Dusty has over 50 phrases and sounds. He is more than a talking truck. This guy is a big helper.

When kids grab his sturdy handle and move him around on the floor, Dusty opens his motorized mouth. His mustached- covered mouth opens wide and he scoops – or eats – whatever is on the ground. Of course he won’t eat huge items, but he is good at scooping up blocks, Legos, small figures, and other toys. Then when he is full, simply tip him over to open his rear and he dumps out whatever he has collected into one little pile. Voila. He’s ready now to go for another pass and sweep up more mess.

Dusty has a great personality, which comes through in his phrases. “Vroom, vroom. Let’s clean your room.” Cleaning time is his lunchtime and he loves helping kids clean their room. With Dusty, kids learn it’s fun to clean. Actually, Dusty does the cleaning but it takes kid power to push him around.

Dusty is a do-it-all truck. He eats, sweeps and dumps, but he is also a good playmate. This combination garbage truck, street sweeper, and dump truck is recommended for ages 3 and up. He works on hard floors and carpets too. Real Workin’ Buddies Mr. Dusty lists for $39.99.


Whether your child loves Star Wars or the characters from
Justice League, there’s a giant BIG-FIG ready for fun and action. Imagination is the key with these overgrown heroes.

The latest film in the Star Wars franchise, The Last Jedi, is coming to theaters this holiday season. The characters will undoubtedly ignite the interest of kids of all ages. With a BIG-FIG they will be able to recreate scenes from the film or make up new ones. The characters are between 16 and 18 inches tall. They are articulated to pose and play.

Besides the Star Wars BIG-FIGS there are Justice League figures as well. Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Aquaman and Cyborg come alive in a child’s hands. Costumed in their traditional garb, these big fellows are great for taking to the playground, in the car, or anyplace.

For ages 3 and up, these BIG-FIGS list for $19.99 each.

Paw Patrol Electronic Music Mat

Do you remember in the 1988 movie Big when Tom Hanks and Robert Loggia hopped around to perform a duet on a giant piano? Well, the Paw Patrol Electronic Music Mat isn’t exactly that but it comes close.

For ages 3 and up this mat teaches music skills and appreciation with the help of the Paw Patrol. The mat has three options. When the Piano button is pressed, the eight soft “keys” represent the notes on a piano. Do, Re, Mi, Fa, So, La, Ti, Do. Kids can play their own piano with their hands or feet.

To listen to pre-programmed tunes, simply press the soft Music button. Kids can dance along to the songs from their Paw Patrol characters.

The Memory button is the most fun as kids are challenged to repeat the notes played for them. The notes don’t light up so they really learn piano notes. It might be a bit daunting for some kids in the beginning, but they’ll soon get the hang of it. As they say in the game, “Practice makes Paw-fect.”

The mat measures 36 inches wide. Small feet or hands can easily reach the different keys. Batteries are required.

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Francine Brokaw writes about products, travel, and entertainment. She has been published in national and international newspapers and magazines as well as Internet websites. She has written her own book, Beyond the Red Carpet The World of Entertainment Journalists, from Sourced Media Books.

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Strolly Compact

• This parent controlled stroller converts to a trike when the time is right for children to take control for themselves.
• In stroller mode, the 3-point harness and safety bar ensure a comfortable ride for baby.
• Once converted to trike mode, this unique stroller allows parents to guide their little ones with a rear steering handle as they learn to cruise.
• When children have the confidence to head out on their own, the steering handle can be easily removed.

Where to Purchase: – – Toys “R” Us

Veer Cruiser

Veer Gear, LLC, is proud to debut the brand new, all-terrain “Cruiser,” a category-disrupting crossover that leverages advances in design, performance and safety to give families new freedom to embark on any outdoor adventure together, activate imaginations, and enrich the bonds between parents and kids.

The Cruiser combines the outgoing experience of a rugged wagon with the functionality and safety of a premium stroller. The Veer Cruiser is the first in its class to meet all ASTM stroller safety standards and be JPMA certified. It is rugged yet weighs less than many double strollers, and can accommodate over 110 pounds of precious cargo.

The Cruiser can also be customized with a collection of accessories, including a Nap System and Collapsible Sun Canopy that combine to make a JPMA certified bassinette (and a perfect rest stop for infants!), a Drink and Snack Tray, a Foldable Storage Basket for even more cargo capacity, and a travel bag to check the Cruiser at the jetway. Up to 6 cup holders provide ample beverage capacity for family adventures and festivals alike.

But, best of all, all major brands of infant car seats can attach using an Infant Car Seat Adapter, so even the youngest family members can enjoy the ride along with their older siblings.

Founded by an expert team in the world of premium child mobility products, Veer designs gear with purpose – to empower families to go, explore, and bond through active, outdoor adventures.

Where to Purchase: – – and select boutiques nationwide in September 2017.

Our Generation OG Ride Along Scooter

Grab your favorite loyal pal for a quick spin around town. The new OG Vespa for 18″ dolls, includes a sidecar for your favorite 4 legged friend, a helmet to keep your doll safe, as well as goggles to keep the wind out of your pets eyes. Vespa has Bluetooth capabilities. Doll and pet sold separately.

Where to Purchase: Target and

We Detectives

Put your team’s special investigation skills into play with Tactic Games’ cool new crime solving game, We Detectives. In this cooperative game, players try to work together to gather evidence, explore, and use deductive reasoning to solve crimes. Each player moves his or her playing piece around the city setting on the game board as they try to solve the case before the time runs out and the bad guys get away. As part of the game, Tactic also added an element of surprise with some hazard discs that create even more fun and suspense throughout the game play.

Where to Purchase: Barnes & Noble

Word Rush

Word Rush is the new game of quick thinking words and categories. The categories and the starting letters for answers change in every round, so a renewed excitement continues on every turn. To play Word Rush, flip over a new category card and begin. Each player or team takes a turn to come up with a word that fits the category and starts with one of the letters visible on the board. Players have a limited time to come up with a word. When they do, then the next player does the same and turns the timer again. Use a lot of time or a little because the next player will have a little time or a lot. If you can’t come up with a word you lose the round, and three lost rounds cost you the game. Coming up with words while the sand timer flows makes the game a thrilling race of wits Word Rush has an ever-changing game board, consisting of the letter cards, and changing time limits imposed by the sand timer.

Where to Purchase: Barnes & Noble

Slam ‘N Bounce

An E-Z twist on the traditional two-player paddle game. The new Slam ‘n Bounce is a variation on the traditional paddle game with a fresh design paddles and use of the Tucker Toys’ E-Z ball. The new components combine to allow players some fun adaptations like hitting the ball off the sand, grass, dirt or payment to extend the rounds of play. To play with the Slam ‘n Bounce just grab a paddle and hit the ball back and forth with a friend. The sturdy light-weight paddles are easy to handle for multiple ages to play and the E-Z Grip ball lets you bounce the ball on any surface! Tucker Toys changed the game dynamic from keeping the ball in the air, to allow players to use the water, sand and grass as expanded playing surfaces.

Where to Purchase: – Toys R Us – Amazon