Anna Toddler Doll


Anna is one of the newest additions to the award-winning Disney Animators’ Toddler Doll Collection. Audiences don’t always get the chance to see the characters as they were when they were kids. We’re often introduced to them as adults. Frozen introduces Anna and Elsa as children, and the toddler dolls represent the girls in their early years. The Anna toddler doll is adorable and captures her sweetness as well as her desire for excitement. The dress is adorned with the Rosemaling (decorative Norwegian folk art) that the filmmakers included in the movie. It adds a Scandinavian look to the clothing, and makes this doll look like she stepped out of the movie. Little Anna will delight young and adult fans of the film. Her face conveys the sweet little girl that first appears in the film, and this doll is definitely going to be well hugged by kids. She’s just the right size for little arms, and for older girls she can be put on a stand and placed on a shelf to be cherished. However, she’s too cute not to hold from time to time.

The Anna Toddler Doll is for ages 3+, stands 16” high, and lists for $24.95.