Channing Banks, Rock My ABC's

Ages:0-5 yrs
Price:$8.99 - $12.99

Rock My ABCs by Channing Banks has taken the Children’s Music Industry by storm. With her strong background in teaching and music, she put her heart into this educational and fantastic cd. It teaches everything from colors and numbers to teeth brushing and cultural awareness. What really sticks out about the cd is not only its didactic aspect, but also the music. It is REAL pop music, something that families can listen to, sing to and dance to together.

The cd starts off with a strong beat and guitars accompanied by Channing’s warm voice and then slows down into a lullaby to help teachers and parents evolve their activities while the cd plays. 

Channing also has an educational Rock My ABC’s app, which teaches children their ABCs through interactive puzzles. You can find free, downloadable coloring pages, which use the images from the app as another tool to help children learn the ABCs by visiting

Rock My ABCs is an exciting and fun music project for kids, teachers and families.