Codee (Techno Source)


Codee, the original patent-pending coded link system, is an activity toy, puzzle, building toy and collectible all in one. Made of flexible, linked blocks marked with letters and symbols, Codee twists, clicks, and transforms into characters, animals, vehicles, and more by following a simple code. Or, it becomes whatever kids can imagine. Just Code, Create and Collect! Codee Starter Packs come in monster and robot themes and include one 64-link Codee strand, accessories and 2 creation codes.


Robot and monster themed Expansion Packs allow kids to build different size figures and mix and match modular pieces, interchanging arms, legs, weapons and more. Codee’s flexible links also allow builders to pose their figures any way they’d like. Expansion Packs include 250+ links, plus more than 25 accessories and multiple creation codes. Ages 7+. MSRP: $19.99 each