Kaskey Kids: Baseball Guys


Baseball Guys is a boxed set of sports action figures designed to encourage creative and imaginative play in children ages 3-8 years.  With no set rules or directions, children are inspired to play with these sports figures the way they have been playing with action figures for year – by using their imagination.  Children control all the action.  They can move the players when they want, where they want.  Every box of Baseball Guys contains two full teams and all the accessories kids need to sit down and actually recreate a game, including an umpire, felt field and working scoreboard.  There are 30 individual pieces in each box – a great value!  The durable quality of both the individual guys and the carry case are  make it a toy that adults love.   Today with television and computer games dominating a child’s independent play choices, Football Guys offers children another option.  They can be played alone or with friends.  Playing imaginatively with action figures is something that parents and grandparents can get involved with.  There are no rules or directions to follow so anything works.  Kids of all ages can find a way to play with these figures.  They are also great to use on Baseball themed birthday cakes or as a table decoration for a baseball themed party!