Salad Zinger


Zing Anything has recently introduced the SaladZinger to their family of DIY infusers. The SaladZinger allows the health conscious eater to create their own dressing by mixing herbs, fruits, spices, etc. together in one to make your own flavorful dressing.

Veggie lovers can shake it up by Zinging tasty dressings using the Salad Zinger. Simply add your ingredients to the grind cup (garlic, onion, citrus, spices, fruit, etc.), pour in olive oil and vinegar, shake, and voila! You have a healthy and delicious homemade dressing. With the Salad Zinger you can make the Italian dressing you always wanted, the orange vinaigrette that will have your guests asking for the recipe, a peach balsamic salad dressing that wows you every time, or whatever else your healthy heart desires.