Our Generation OG Ride Along Scooter

Grab your favorite loyal pal for a quick spin around town. The new OG Vespa for 18″ dolls, includes a sidecar for your favorite 4 legged friend, a helmet to keep your doll safe, as well as goggles to keep the wind out of your pets eyes. Vespa has Bluetooth capabilities. Doll and pet sold separately.

Where to Purchase: Target and www.Target.com

We Detectives

Put your team’s special investigation skills into play with Tactic Games’ cool new crime solving game, We Detectives. In this cooperative game, players try to work together to gather evidence, explore, and use deductive reasoning to solve crimes. Each player moves his or her playing piece around the city setting on the game board as they try to solve the case before the time runs out and the bad guys get away. As part of the game, Tactic also added an element of surprise with some hazard discs that create even more fun and suspense throughout the game play.

Where to Purchase: Barnes & Noble

Word Rush

Word Rush is the new game of quick thinking words and categories. The categories and the starting letters for answers change in every round, so a renewed excitement continues on every turn. To play Word Rush, flip over a new category card and begin. Each player or team takes a turn to come up with a word that fits the category and starts with one of the letters visible on the board. Players have a limited time to come up with a word. When they do, then the next player does the same and turns the timer again. Use a lot of time or a little because the next player will have a little time or a lot. If you can’t come up with a word you lose the round, and three lost rounds cost you the game. Coming up with words while the sand timer flows makes the game a thrilling race of wits Word Rush has an ever-changing game board, consisting of the letter cards, and changing time limits imposed by the sand timer.

Where to Purchase: Barnes & Noble

Slam ‘N Bounce

An E-Z twist on the traditional two-player paddle game. The new Slam ‘n Bounce is a variation on the traditional paddle game with a fresh design paddles and use of the Tucker Toys’ E-Z ball. The new components combine to allow players some fun adaptations like hitting the ball off the sand, grass, dirt or payment to extend the rounds of play. To play with the Slam ‘n Bounce just grab a paddle and hit the ball back and forth with a friend. The sturdy light-weight paddles are easy to handle for multiple ages to play and the E-Z Grip ball lets you bounce the ball on any surface! Tucker Toys changed the game dynamic from keeping the ball in the air, to allow players to use the water, sand and grass as expanded playing surfaces.

Where to Purchase: www.tuckertoys.com – Toys R Us – Amazon

Roller Coaster Challenge

In this thrilling engineering challenge, players get to build their very own roller coasters. Start by choosing a challenge card and setting up the pieces to match. Then, players use the remaining pieces to build a working roller coaster that meets the build conditions on their challenge card. Roller Coaster Challenge incorporates elements of a logic puzzle, while also allowing for the creativity that stems from free-form building. Once you have solved each challenge, you get to watch a real coaster car glide down the track, complete with dips, curves, and loops! Roller Coaster Challenge is an American Specialty Toy Retailer Association’s (ASTRA) Best Toys for Kids Award winner, and recently earned a National Parenting Products Award!

Where to Purchase: Available nationwide at Target, Amazon, Barnes & Noble and neighborhood toy stores.

Rocket Lander

3… 2… Won! Griddly Games Launches Rocket Lander Game, a dice component game with an out of this world, explosive theme. Rocket Lander challenges players to strategically plot a graph on a 3 dimensional axis. The game topic travels through space and around the globe as players escort their ships, search and overtake opponents, and defend a home turf. Of course, the best strategy and a dash of luck help to decide who can land their ship efficiently.

Where to Purchase: Amazon

Lori Dolls Horse Haven

Lori and her friends are avid horse fans and they spend all of their free time at the Lori Horse Haven stables. After all, home is where the horse is! Barn has working lights and a real water pump to help you groom your Lori horse. Doll accessory for 6″ dolls. Doll, horses and pets sold separately.

Where to Purchase: Target and www.Target.com


Kite Flying is a Breeze with Tucker Toys’ Kite-A-Pult. The Kite-A-Pult is a self-launching kite flying system! No more running around in circles or needing another person’s help to get your kite off the ground. The new Kite-A-Pult launches a kite in the sky and you’ll be flying it up, up and away in no time. The portable Kite-A-Pult hand-launcher makes it easy to pull back then rocket the kite into the air to catch the wind. Not only is the Kite-A-Pult the most innovative and exciting kite out there, but it also doubles as a Glider! Its two toys in one and comes in three super colorful designs.

Where to Purchase: www.tuckertoys.com – Toys R Us – Amazon

Just Add Sun

Use the sun’s energy to heat up a tasty treat in this STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, math) solar oven kit! Melt s’mores, nachos, or make your own crazy crayons with the power of the sun and the Just Add Sun™ Solar Science + Art Kit.
Learn how solar energy works and introduce kids to eco-friendly energy alternatives. Learn how the energy of the sun can be used for heating objects as well as cooking food. Experiment with sunlight, heat transfer, reflection, and more! Plus learn to ‘upcycle’ items to create fantastic art! A portion of the proceeds from Just Add Sun™ is donated to Solar Cookers International.

Where to Purchase: Amazon