Warmze Portable Bottle Warmer


In just 30 minutes you will have a perfect tepid bottle (90-104 degrees), the temperature recommended by Pediatricians. The starter kits fit easily in any diaper bag or purse – great for the car, air travel, shopping, theme parks, sporting events, and more. One warmer will conveniently heat several different bottles throughout a day- no boiling water, no metal disk to click, no running to car for car charger, no electricity, no batteries or microwave. It’s like magic! Warming wraps are air-activated and last for up to 10 hours or 3-5 bottles. The bottlesoc is re-usable and helps keep baby dry by preventing leaks and allowing the large cotton ruffle to wipe dribbles. The large starter kit fits most reusable bottles 8-11 ounces. The refill warmers are sold separately and create a bounce back product for retailers.