Wow! Stuff: Wow Packs


WOW PACKS are the perfect playmates for long car rides, trips to grandma’s house and after school play dates with friends.  Bags of character loaded with fun, WOW PACKS are the first ever R/C animated backpacks that magically come to life right before your eyes.  Each WOW PACK has a controller seamlessly built into its shoulder strap.  When kids press different buttons, their backpack buddy will make funny expressions and sound effects to surprise their friends and family.  The initial assortment includes two main characters, each packed with personality: Snot the Zombie has large spooky eyes that spin round at the press of a button.  He also likes to blow raspberries and even drips his snotty nose. Cutezee the Kitten, a very cute kitty, has large bright eyes and gorgeous lashes that open and close at the press of a button.  She’s also known to giggle, laugh, and, of course, meow for attention.  WOW PACKS also have a built-in proximity sensor, so if friends and family get too close they’ll be in for an even bigger surprise.  Snot the Zombie and Cutezee the Kitten will go wild with excitement!  These packs are lightweight, splashproof, have comfortable adjustable shoulder straps, and plenty of storage for kid essentials like coloring books, toys or even a snack. Requires three AA batteries (not included). Available at Toys“R”Us stores nationwide and