HALO Bolt ACDC Portable Charger & Car Jump Starter


The HALO Bolt ACDC Portable Charger & Car Jump Starter is useful for everyone. After all, electricity does go out from time to time. This portable unit can run your 120 Volt devices and your tech products with USB plugs. It also comes with jumper cables to instantly charge your car’s battery without the need for another car. It’s handy and useful. Parents will undoubtedly want one for each of their kids. It is also something that is necessary in each car. Think about being able to recharge your car’s battery without the assistance of another vehicle. It’s safer than waiting on a dark road for another car to come help you jump the batteries or for AAA to arrive. Just hook up the battery to the BOLT and voila. And when the electricity goes out for whatever reason, you can connect a lamp, tablet, or something else and have access to the news, in case the power is out due to weather or an earthquake. The BOLT ACDC comes in a variety of colors.

Ages: 5-85
Price: $94.99
Available at: www.BestHALO.com