From dropped and sat-on, to misplaced and flat-out lost, most people struggle to carry and keep up with their cell phone – particularly women and girls whose outfits often lack pockets. Introducing MyPhonePouch™, an innovative, soft, stretchy pouch worn tucked over any snug waistband to easily carry your cell phone hands, pockets, and purse-free, with no belt and no straps required.

Superior to pockets and ingeniously different from other phone holsters on the market, MyPhonePouch is perfect to wear with yoga pants, leggings. sweats, shorts, pants, jeans, skirts, and even pajamas. With multiple pockets in the pouch, you can also carry other small essentials like an ID, credit card, and a key.

MyPhonePouch’s soft design pivots with you as you move so you don’t have to take your phone out of your pocket when you sit down and you don’t have to worry about your phone slipping out of a loose or shallow pocket when you bend over. Sit without sitting on your phone. No more setting down your phone and forgetting where you left it.

MyPhonePouch is a universal solution that solves a universal problem. Anyone of any age and background can benefit from this innovative product, making it the perfect solution for teens, busy moms and dads, even seniors who need to keep their phone close. It is an original, affordable, practical, and highly functional accessory.

MyPhonePouch can alternatively be used to carry a wide range of items other than a cell phone including but not limited to:
– An insulin pump or insulin meter and supplies
– Emergency medicine
– A cordless phone
– A two-way radio (walkie-talkie)
– A baby monitor viewer
– A vape mod

Available in different colors and sizes, MyPhonePouch can be branded with a company logo, school logo, team logo or any other branding message. Invented by Allison Santini, MyPhonePouch is patent pending and made in the USA.

I am selecting the “other” category because this product can fit in almost every category. It is great for working out, for travel, for moms, for teens, for dads, for elderly, for disabled, for anyone who has a phone – or some other small item the want to carry hands and pockets free.

Ages: 18-78
Price: $35.00
Available at: