‘Trollhunters: Tales of Arcadia’ available on Netflix

Last year the DreamWorks Animation series Trollhunters took Netflix viewers to a new realm. The 26-episode first season was the most watched kids original series on Netflix, to date. The second season, Trollhunters: Tales of Arcadia premiers December 15, 2017 with 13 fun-filled episodes for fans young and not-so-young.

As the writers explained to members of the media, the story was originally envisioned as a feature film, but there was too much to explore so they designed a serialized trilogy that has been created for TV viewers on Netflix. In the first season they crafted the different worlds: the human world and the troll world, and they brought the characters to life. Season two expands the characters and explores the mythology, giving a more detailed look at the background of the special magical items as well as the characters.

As they also discussed, Toby is not just a sidekick for Jim, and Claire is not just the token female/girlfriend. This season is definitely the “season of Claire,” and her strength and the power of her shadow staff comes into play more as the episodes progress.

The series is as entertaining for girls as it is for boys, and the kids who have been hooked on the show have involved their parents in it as well. The characters, mythology, and magic appeal to all viewers.

The late Anton Yelchin voiced the character of Jim in the show and the writers/producers expressed sadness that the actor didn’t live long enough to see the love and affection viewers have for the series.

Kelsey Grammer voices the adorable troll Blinky, and this season Mark Hamill comes on as Blinky’s evil brother Dictatious Maximus. The writers are excited by Hamill’s addition to the show. He brings a different level of enthusiasm and vision to his character than they originally imagined.

The third season in the trilogy will be “Wizards” yet that has yet to be finalized.

Trollhunters garnered the most Emmy Awards for in single year for an animated show. There’s no doubt the show has a strong following and with the way the entire season is available for binge watching on Netflix, it is sure to gain even more viewers as the second season hits the network.

With the winter months being notorious for sick days, having these two season available to view will be a welcome experience for any kid who is stuck in bed with a cold or the flu.

Trollhunters and Trollhunters: Tales of Arcadia are rated TV-Y7.

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‘Bloodline’ final season streaming on Netflix

Bloodline centers around the Rayburn clan deeply rooted in the Florida Keys. This seemingly normal and hardworking family starts crumbling after their black sheep eldest son, Danny (Ben Mendelsohn), came home for his parents’ 45th anniversary. The patriarch Robert (Sam Shepherd) left it up to Danny’s younger siblings, John (Kyle Chandler), Kevin (Nobert Leo Butz), and Meg (Linda Cardellini), to rule on his wish to stay and ‘work things out.’ Robert’s reckless behavior inadvertently ignited fury in the younger siblings. Robert and the matriarch Sally (Sissy Spacek), the products of broken homes, had done a number on their children, particularly on Danny by enabling his unsavory behaviors out of guilt, shame, fear, and disappointment.

Psychoanalyzing this season is a breeze because we’re privy to the big picture as well as family secrets. And when you hear Sally uttering “How did we get here?”, you would realize that she is totally clueless about how to deal with the world. She doesn’t have any insight whatsoever into how her own actions have impacted the children. She is the one who taught them to lie in the name of ‘protecting the family.’ In her book, lying in any shape or form is acceptable as long as it keeps the wolves from the door. Hence, the final season is all about the Rayburns trying to fend off relentless onslaughts on the Rayburn Empire.

The Rayburn children no doubt pay for their parents’ sins, but I believe John, the second oldest of the siblings, is the biggest victim. His fate was sealed when he was forced into taking the savior role when he lied about Danny’s ‘accident.’ He was only doing what he had been groomed for and tried his best to save and protect his immediate family. The nature of profession John (criminal justice) and Meg (legal) chose turned them into the perfect gatekeepers of the Empire. But you know what? You can’t save people who won’t save themselves. It’s a futile exercise.

As a recovering rescuer/fixer, I put myself in John’s shoes from the get-go. The journey was tumultuous and physically and emotionally taxing to say the least. It was like playing a game of Whac-a-Mole for ten hours straight. No wonder I cried tears of relief when the game was over. I desperately want to whisk John far far away and let him sleep to his heart’s content.

You can watch all three seasons of Bloodline now on Netflix.

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Peek at All Hail King Julien! Season 5 on Netflix

ALL HAIL KING JULIEN! This new stand-alone season takes place after King Julien is forced to flee the kingdom. With no choice but to leave his subjects behind, a chill sets in on the island of Madagascar: Koto has taken over. Separated from his closest friends and fearing the worst for his people, King Julien ventures across the sea to recruit an army of unlikely allies. As a battle of the lemurs looms large, King Julien is not alone. Maurice, Clover and Mort will stop at nothing to find their King, each enduring a personal journey to ensure that Julien’s booty lands back on the throne.

Season 5 marks the first completely serialized season of ALL HAIL KING JULIEN, so viewers will have to watch from start to finish to follow Julien’s epic quest to take back his throne. Also unique to this season, each episode has evolving main titles that describe what has gone before and keeps the viewer up to date through song as to the progress of Julien’s journey!


‘Dawn of The Croods’ new season on Netflix

Where we last left The Croods, they had escaped the villainous, be-tailed Brood family – right into a Tyrannaconda’s stomach. In the Season 3 premiere, they must escape and stop the Broods from taking Ahhh! Valley for themselves. After their victory, Grug is appointed leader of Ahhh! Valley, but as history’s first leader, he has a lot to learn about keeping his valley running smoothly – including the best way to defend against enormous super-predators.

The Croods also continue to have run-ins with the Broods, the family’s efforts to defend against them are complicated by Thunk’s burgeoning crush on Blurg Brood. Season 3 also introduces many more historic “firsts” to the Croods’ world, including gossip, golf, and “quicktogramming,” a Croodacious verison of a social network that leads Eep to her future love interest, Guy – even if she doesn’t know it. In the cliffhanger season finale, Grug is forced to go on the lam when he’s accused of stealing food – but the culprit is actually Gurg, his evil doppelgänger. All-new episodes of Dawn of the Croods, on Netflix.


‘Fuller House’ – The Complete First Season on DVD

The hit Netflix sitcom Fuller House has been renewed for a third season. If you don’t have Netflix, consider getting the first season on DVD, with all 13 episodes.

Fuller House shows that there is a good way to make an updated sequel to a popular show. This is a fun, family-friendly show that brings together the cast from the original sitcom, Full House (1987-1995) while at the same time making it fresh and entertaining for nostalgia viewers and new viewers.

The entire cast of the original are on hand to kick off this new series: John Stamos, Dave Coulier, Bob Saget, Lori Loughlin, and Scott Weinger join series stars Candace Cameron Bure, Jodie Sweetin, and Andrea Barber. The only cast members who didn’t return are Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen as little sister Michelle.

The storyline of this new show focuses on D.J. Tanner who is now a widowed mother of 3 sons. Her sister Stephanie decides to move back home to help her raise her kids. Also joining the household is Kimmy Gibbler who moves in with her daughter Ramona (Soni Bringas) with visitations by her estranged husband Fernando (Juan Pablo Di Pace). This house is filled to the brim, again. That in itself is enough to name the series “Fuller” House, however the fact that D.J.’s married name is Fuller actually adds to the cuteness, and this show has a lot of cuteness going on, with references to the past and all of the phrases made famous by the characters: “have mercy,” “cut it out,” “how rude,” and definitely, “Oh Mylanta.”

As the season progresses the three women find themselves in various situations. D.J. is courted by her co-worker Matt (John Brotherton) and her high school boyfriend Steve (Weinger), Kimmy is thinking about reuniting with her husband, and Stephanie is trying to figure out her own life. In the meantime, there are D.J.’s three sons and Ramona adding more confusion to the old Tanner house. And periodically members of the old cast return to add additional situations to he already complicated household.

For a fun little sitcom, Fuller House definitely delivers plenty of antics for everyone to enjoy, especially if you are a fan of the original series. With all the subtle and not-so-subtle references to the past, this show fulfills the cuteness factor as well as provides a good family show.

“I think we knew it was going to be great because for years and years no matter what we’ve done, everybody always asks about Full House,” Candace Cameron Bure told the media. “Everyone has always talked about Full House, especially through social media and how that’s grown, and we get to interact with everyone in the world. So we knew the fan base has been so loyal and there, but I think even the response is greater than we expected, and we knew it would be great. So it’s extremely exciting for us.” And, it’s fun for the viewers. The actress won the People’s Choice Award for TV Actress in a Comedy, and the show won for Favorite Premium Comedy Series.

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Francine Brokaw has been covering all aspects of the entertainment industry for over 20 years. She also writes about products and travel. She has been published in national and international newspapers and magazines as well as Internet websites. She has written her own book, Beyond the Red Carpet The World of Entertainment Journalists, from Sourced Media Books.

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First Peek: Redford and Fonda’s new Netflix movie

Based on the novel written by Kent Haruf and adapted for the screen by Scott Neustadter and Michael H. Weber (The Fault in Our Stars), Our Souls at Night is set in Colorado and begins when Addie Moore (Jane Fonda) pays an unexpected visit to a neighbor, Louis Waters (Robert Redford). Her husband died years ago, as did his wife, and in such a small town they’d been neighbors for decades, but had little contact. Their children live far away and they are all alone in their big houses. She seeks to establish a connection, and make the most of the rest of the time they have.

Our Souls at Night airs in 2017.


First Look: Gilmore Girls-A Year in the Life on Netflix

They’re coming back!

Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life is made up of four memorable chapters from the lives of Lorelai, Emily, Rory and countless Stars Hollow stalwarts. The story is told through four 90-minute chapters — each spanning one season: Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall — and brings back to life everything from the quaint corner diner to the dreamy Dragonfly Inn to a fast-talking, quick-witted mother-daughter love story unlike any other. Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life launches Friday, November 25, everywhere that Netflix is available.