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cookie cutterTake two single schoolteachers, add one available widower, a dash of cuteness, a little spice, and a whole lot of competitiveness and you get the new original Hallmark Channel movie A Cookie Cutter Christmas. Erin Krakow, best known for starring in the Hallmark Channel series When Calls the Heart, stars in this fun and flavorful film.


Ever since they were kids, Christie (Krakow) and Penny (Miranda Frigon) have been rivals. For the last 20 years they have forgotten how close they were when they were young, and have tried to out-do each other whenever possible. Interestingly enough, they both pursued careers as elementary school teachers, and believe it or not, their classrooms are directly across the hall from each other’s.


It’s the holiday time and Penny is in charge of the annual holiday festival. This year she decides to have a cookie bakeoff competition, knowing her former best friend and current rival Christie doesn’t know her way around a kitchen. Penny feels she is a shoe-in to win.


James (David Haydn-Jones) just moved to town with his young daughter Lily (Genae Charpentier), who was assigned to Christie’s class. James and Christie have an instant connection, which irks Penny. Everything Christie does irks Penny. She has harbored a deep resentment for Christie for 20 years, and Christie feels the same about her, only Christie is ready to put the past behind them. Penny continues her tricks and backstabbing while they both try to come up with the best cookie recipe.


Alan Thicke appears as Chef Krueger, the judge of the cookie bakeoff. Will he prefer Penny’s tantalizing treats or Christie’s delicious delicacies?


Erin Krakow is adorable in this fun film. And watch for a surprise matchup for another couple! The film is enough to ignite anyone’s sweet tooth, so make sure you have plenty of cookies on hand when you’re watching this.
As with most holiday films, this one has a message for the season. While Penny is deceitful and conniving, Christie realizes, “Sometimes in our pursuit of winning we forget what’s important. Friendship.”


A Cookie Cutter Christmas premiers November 9, 2014 on Hallmark Channel.


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