A look back at ‘Charles & Diana: Wedding of the Century’

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This new documentary on True Royalty TV takes a look behind the scenes of the wedding of Charles and Diana. With comments from bridesmaids, photographers, a nanny, dressmakers, police, and bystanders, the film is a well-rounded look at the excitement, joy, expectations, and sheer size of the event, which was viewed by 750 million people in 74 countries.

India Hicks who was thirteen at the time, was one of the bridesmaids. She describes her flouncy dress (for a tomboy this was a daunting piece of attire), the jitters that came with her responsibilities of being a bridesmaid, and all the fun of the day. David Emanuel, who helped design the now-iconic wedding dress, talks about the process of creating this famous dress, how they were astounded at how crumpled it became in the carriage ride to St. Paul’s Cathedral, and viewing the dress again after all these years. He also talks about how charming Diana was and how, at the end of the day, she even phoned him to thank him again for making her beautiful dress.

Security was a big consideration for the day. After all, there were plenty of terrorists who would have loved to disrupt the event. A policeman who was on the scene all day talks about how they kept their eyes trained on the crowds for any disruptions. And, by the time everything was over, how they were too tired to move, having stood there for hours upon hours.

Others discuss their feelings on the day and recall where they were, what they were seeing and thinking, and how they view it after all these years. 1981 was a while ago, but that day is permanently etched in the minds of those who were there and the millions around the world who got up to watch the ceremony and feel the love and excitement, and in a sense, to bond with the people of the U.K.

Charles & Diana: Wedding of the Century does not show much of the actual event. It is more of a behind-the-scenes look back at that eventful day. And given what has transpired since, it is a piece of history that makes us all wonder “what could have been.” On that day it looked like a fairytale, but they always end, “and they lived happily ever after.” Oh well. At least the wedding was amazing.

Charles & Diana: Wedding of the Century is now available on True Royalty TV.

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