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The newest resort at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida is one of their “value” resorts. But just because it is a value resort, don’t think they skimped on anything! They didn’t. On the contrary, the Art of Animation Resort is truly amazing.


Resort Information


Art of Animation Resort anim3The resort is divided into four different areas: The Lion King, Finding Nemo, Cars, and The Little Mermaid. The Lion King, Finding Nemo, and Cars areas have suites that can sleep six, and The Little Mermaid section is comprised of standard rooms. Each family suite is equipped with a microwave, coffee maker, sink, and refrigerator. Note: there are no ovens.


With 864 standard rooms and over 1200 family suites, this place is large. But it isn’t overwhelming because of the different sections and environments. The standard rooms start at $100 per night, depending on the  season, and the suites start at $250. Considering the suites can sleep six, this is quite a bargain, or “value” as they say at WDW.


The Art of Animation also has the largest pool in WDW, with the exception of the Yacht and Beach Club. Actually, there are three pools here. The large one is at The Little Mermaid section. Finding Nemo and Cars each have pools in their regions as well.


Art of Animation Resort anim2The Story

Walking into the lobby of the resort is amazing. It’s colorful and filled with sketches of the characters we all know and love. The lobby tells a story in itself, and if you are not clued into all the little things surrounding you, don’t worry. At 12:30 pm every day guests can take a guided tour to discover the story about the hotel and the history of the art of animation.


The Suites

The suites are works of art in themselves! Truly, they have to be seen to be appreciated. And I definitely appreciate all the Disney ingenuity that went into designing them.


Art of Animation Resort anim4Finding Nemo is a memorable film, thanks to the wonderful characters. The Finding Nemo portion of the resort is designed to make guests feel like they are underwater. But you don’t need a scuba tank for this adventure. It’s a beautiful environment that takes you into the world of Nemo, Dory, Marlin, Nigel, Crush, Squirt, Mr. Ray and the rest. And don’t worry about the seagulls. While they periodically chant “mine” they won’t cause a mess on the ground. No need to worry about seagull poop here!


So, you might be wondering what makes the suites so unique. I’ll tell you! They are designed around the theme of the section, so in the Finding Nemo section the suites are based on the themes and characters in the film. Everything -and I do mean everything – in the rooms reflects the specific theme.


If you stay in a Nemo Suite, look up. The ceiling lights look like clusters of bubbles. And the shower curtain is a picture of Bruce the shark. Each suite has a dining table that converts into a bed ala murphy-style. In this section of the resort, when the bed is pulled down a picture of Nemo and Marlin sleeping together is exposed. The designers didn’t miss a thing.


Take a short walk from Nemo to Radiator Springs where everything Cars surrounds you. You’ll transition from an underwater environment to a rural western environment, where cars of all shapes and sizes live. At the pool the private cabanas are in the shape of cones like the Crazy Cone Motel. No detail is skipped at this resort.
Art of Animation Resort anim6Suites in the Cars section are designed around automobiles and trucks. Even the couch looks like a bench seat from an old sedan. And when the bed replaces the dining table, a sleeping Mater is exposed. How cute is that? And in the Lion King area, the murphy beds expose a picture of a sleeping Simba.  Even thought the Little Mermaid building has standard rooms, guests are still surrounded by Ariel and her friends.


The Art of Animation resort is truly a work of art.  And it is an ideal location for families. Simply select which theme you want – Finding Nemo, Cars, The Lion King, or The Little Mermaid – and you will be immersed in that movie with all the memorable characters that have become part of our lives and culture.


Even if you stay at another resort in Walt Disney World, I encourage you to take a look at this remarkable and yes, magical place in your spare time.


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