Attending the 2017 D23 Expo

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The fifth D23 Expo was held July 14-16 in Anaheim, California selling out tickets for the three-day event. The Expo is held every other year and each time it gets bigger and more popular with Disney fans of all ages. Not only do fans get to purchase all kinds of Disney related items and one of a kind pieces, they get to meet their favorite movie and TV stars, get sneak peeks at upcoming shows and resort attractions, take part in activities, and learn about all things Disney.

This expo attracts all ages, from very young (even kids in strollers) to seniors. Many attendees dress in Disney-related costumes, either bought or hand made. It’s a whirlwind three days of excitement for fans.

Robert drove in from Fresno. He has attended all five Expos. So what’s his favorite part of the expo? “The free swag,” he exclaimed, however he was quick to point out that this year there were less items being handed out. His eleven-year-old daughter came for the live-action panels with her favorite TV show actors. Robert complained that the organization for certain events was anything but organized, even to the point of the head of Disneyland security needed to come in to assist for one panel when the entrance was not manned. “Kids were crying and parents screaming” when they weren’t able to get into the event they had waited a long time to see. But all in all, Robert and his family were pleased with this expo, although he did admit, “the first year was the best.” When he headed back home with his family he had spent about $3,000 on items, mainly artwork. “We really like the artists meet and greets,” he said.

Jennifer came all the way from Winnipeg, Canada, and has attended all five expos, at the ripe old age of 29! She enjoys the sneak peeks and the previews of upcoming shows. She came to California with her dad. Unlike Robert, Jennifer admits to spending under $200 “because we have to fly back and can’t carry everything.”
Seventeen-year-old Sarah came dressed as Moana for the “Power of the Princess” panel featuring four of the Disney Princesses. When asked why she dressed in character, she said “I wanted to be a princess for a day.”

Francisco, 27, was dressed like Russell from the movie “Up.” He came to California from Dallas, Texas. And Esther, 29, came all the way from Toronto. She decided to dress like Belle for her first D23 Expo. “Belle’s been my hero since I was a little kid,” she said.

The next D23 Expo will be held in 2019. Fans are already planning for their next trip to Anaheim for another Disney-filled three days of shopping, sneak peeks, and all kinds of Disney fun.

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