‘Becoming Cousteau’ is an alert for viewers

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The acclaimed National Geographic documentary Becoming Cousteau is now streaming on Disney+. Captain Jacques-Yves Cousteau was a pioneer in underwater exploration as well as one of the first people to sound the alarm about the state of the world’s oceans and how important they are to the entire ecosystem of the planet.

“Jacques Cousteau was an adventurer and inventor who became a passionate environmentalist later in life” said director Liz Garbus. “He was not born a protector of the seas — it was something he grew to appreciate as he witnessed the undersea world changing before his very own eyes. I hope Cousteau’s incredibly entertaining, epic life shows how much we can all evolve in life and in our attitude towards our place on the Earth. Cousteau is a true hero for our age, and his life story points the way to a better future.”

This documentary looks at the life of this extraordinary man who felt he needed to dedicate his life to saving the oceans and all of the living creatures that lives under the sea. The name “Cousteau” is synonymous with underwater exploration. His boat the Calypso is part of pop culture, having been the focus of one song by singer John Denver. This man not only wanted to explore the seas, but also wanted to make sure humanity strived together to save the underwater life. Unfortunately, as he said, it might be too late.

Jacques Cousteau felt his mission was not only to explore but also to bring his findings to the people of the planet. He was the only non-head of state to be pictured in the Earth Summit in 1992, that is how important his life and work was to the status of the earth, it’s survival, and especially the oceans.

Cousteau’s television shows brought life under the water to the viewing public. When he began to explain that the underwater ecosystem was vital and being destroyed, the powers that be cancelled him from television. He saw the dangers ahead and sounded the alarm. He persisted in his dedication to save the oceans.

Jacques Cousteau will always be remembered as an explorer, author, and defender of the oceans. For more information about Jacques Cousteau and The Cousteau Society, go to their website  where they also have a section for kids to learn about life under in the seas.

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